This is one of the most common questions we get as real estate agents.  While the vast majority of buyers don’t get an inspection they almost always ask, “should I get a home inspection for a new construction home?”  SPOILER ALERT – the short answer is yes.  In the above video we discuss why it’s important and how to look for a good inspector.

To recap you absolutely want a home inspection, the builder wants to sell the home at the highest possible profit and that may or may not coincide with your goal of getting a great home for your family at a fair price.  Because Jarvis Team Realty is well known for integrity and fighting for their client they get all kinds of calls from home buyers that want their help AFTER they are under contract to buy a home.  Unfortunately, they don’t have anyone fighting for them.  Instead they have someone literally fighting against them.

So YES you SHOULD get a home inspection for a new home!  Here’s a few things to look for:

  • ASHI (American Society Of Home Inspectors) Certified
  • Insurance
  • Working Lockbox Key
  • Sample Report
  • List of Builders they’ve inspected recently

We highly recommend talking to a real estate agent first and then visiting the neighborhoods.  IF you do choose to do it alone (mistake) you should at least ask the criteria for the inspection process.  Many builders will limit the inspections to specific times and they will be “supervised.”  This isn’t always because the builder is shady but because the inspector industry is so poorly regulated.  Anyone can claim to be an inspector.

The best time to inspect new construction is right before they cover the walls with sheet rock.  The inspector can see code violations the county missed as well as electrical and plumbing issues well before they pop up afterward.  After the sheetrock is up, there’s less need for an inspection other than just checking to make sure things work.

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