DR Horton

DR Horton HomesDR Horton’s claim is that they are “America’s Builder” and with good reason they are building all over the South, California and the South East.  In the same vein as Pulte, Ryland and Lennar, DR Horton is characterized as a builder who builds large neighborhoods with amenities and does it all quickly.

DR Horton’s vision was creating value every step of the way was the Company’s signature focus when Horton unveiled his first neighborhood in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area over three decades ago. As the Company grew from a local homebuilder, to a regional homebuilder, to ultimately the largest homebuilder in the United States, that philosophy has never wavered per their company line.

Home Buying Process With DR Horton

The home buying process is a mixed bag.  Most of the on-site representative on DR Horton neighborhoods are employees – as in they are not licensed individuals.  While this sometimes makes them less biased overall, it can create a few caution flags.  At least with a real estate license a person has a duty to the public, without a license there’s no such arrangement.  In addition, only a handful of DR Horton sales associates actually want other real estate agents involved.   We always recommend hiring a new homes specialist!   Ultimately DR Horton is more friendly then many of their national builder counter-parts, but you still need to hire someone.

DR Horton Neighborhoods