John Wieland

John Wieland Homes

John Wieland is the builder to choose for a lot of home owners as this company has built the best homes for more than our decades. They have known to have the most distinctive and largest home portfolios containing top-notch architecture. The homes that theyjohnwieland make are unique, functional, innovative, and gorgeously designed.

The great thing about these homes is that you can personalize your own home. John Wieland’s designs can be tailor made according to the home buyer’s preference. They have a Design Consultant that will help the future homeowners to achieve their dream home.

John Wieland creates not only beautifully designed homes but the best neighborhoods as well. These neighborhoods exude luxury with their great land and streetscapes, functional amenities and landmark entrances. There are different neighborhoods that homeowners can choose from depending on their needs.

John Wieland has been in the business since 1970 and is committed in providing their clients with quality lifestyle. This group has won awards such as 500 point quality certification; this is an assurance that homeowners will only get the best. Another assurance is the Wieland 5 Year-20 Year warranty that the company provides, not a lot of builders offer this warranty because only John Wieland has the actual guts and proof to back it up.

John Wieland homes typically retain their value better then others and is the only “brand name” in GA Real Estate that you pay more for.

Get a John Wieland home at one of their amazing neighborhoods. Call the Jarvis Team at (678) 999-1001 to help you out!