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Beazer Homes Beazer Homes

Why Should You Choose Beazer Homes?

Beazer Homes is one of the larger builders in the city of Atlanta, in fact, over 100,000 new home owners have relied on their excellent services. This group has created the dream homes of a lot of people that offer beauty, functionality, and great quality.

These homes are energy efficient. They are certified by Energy Star which means that these homes have met strict requirements set by U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency. They will also help the home buyers save money from bills as the energy consumption in the homes made by Beazer Homes are relatively lower than other homes.

Since every home is an investment, home buyers must make sure that their homes should match their lifestyle. The good thing about Beazer Homes is that they offer Beazer Choice Plans which helps the buyers customize their home according to their liking. The best thing about this is that it’s at no additional cost!

However, it’s not only the homes that make so many clients trust Beazer Homes because aside from the dream homes, they offer so much more for their home buyers.

Beazer’s newest community is Kensington in Hoschton GA. 

CAUTION:  Beazer builds a good quality home, however, their sales process is agressive.  We’ve received more then 1 report of a buyer being under contract and feeling forced to buy a home, without their changes, use Beazer’s own lender and not have their agent.  Please, if you do not use the Jarvis Team, Atlanta’s premier New Construction Specialist, please use an agent that is outside of Beazer.